Information for State Agencies

Information for State Agencies

State agencies will continue progress toward fulfillment of the Governor’s promise to reform the State grant contracting process.  Consistent with Budget Bulletin H-1032 Revised New York State Grant programs have moved to the New York Master Grant Contract, the Grants Gateway, and the Prequalification of Not-for-Profits.

Master Contracts for Grants

State agencies have implemented the NYS Master Contract for Grants and will no longer execute contracts without the new statewide terms and conditions. 

  • Download a PDF copy of the NYS Master Contract for Grants
  • See Quick Links for fillable PDF NYS Master Contract for Grants forms
  • See Quick Links for a range of guidance on the NYS Master Contract for Grants, including FAQs and examples of completed cover pages for contracts, renewals, and amendments

Grants Gateway

There are currently 22 State Agencies utilizing the Grants Gateway for applications and/or contracts. There are currently 337 competitive RFPs that have been through or are currently in the system, over 11,000 applications submitted, and over 8,600 contracts in the system. Of the over 8,600 contracts, over 7,300 are fully executed for a total of over $5.2 Billion in funding.


The State has built a diverse pool of prequalified nonprofit partners that are ready to complete for State contracts. To date, over 7,400 nonprofits have been prequalified.

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Date updated: August 16, 2013