The New York State Grants Gateway is Live.


NYS Master Contract for Grants

A Master Contract for Grants has been released to significantly reduce time and costs both for New York State and grantees. Standard Statewide Terms and Conditions will eliminate redundant iterations of contract language across state agencies and reduce the complexity grantees face in reviewing contract terms prior to entering into an agreement. The benefits include:

  • Streamlines approvals at both the State and grantee levels
  • Creates a known quantity; recipients know what to expect
  • Reduces discrepancies and inconsistencies
Download NYS Master Contract for Grants
Download NYS Master Contract for Grants

Multi-Year Contracting

Multi-year contracts will reduce paperwork and processing time along with reducing cash flow problems for vendors. All State Agencies will continually review grant programs and migrate as many as possible to a multi-year contract.

Grants Gateway

The Grants Gateway now supports Reporting, Contract Development, and Online Signatures.

For guidance on Registration and Online Application processes, refer to the Grantee and Videos pages. New guides and videos for the contract development processes will be posted soon.

The New York State Grants Gateway serves as the primary outlet for State agencies to post upcoming and available funding opportunities. The Gateway went live on May 15th, 2013 and all opportunities can be found in the Grant Opportunity Portal. The Portal offers a simple way to search for available and anticipated grant opportunities, download grant opportunities, and register to receive email notifications when specific types of grant opportunities are posted.

The Grantee Document Vault is also live, providing grantees a secure online repository to store and share commonly requested documents with State agencies.

  • Grantees that submitted registration materials and received their user credentials can begin to upload documents into the Document Vault.
  • In addition, not-for profit Grantees who submitted their registration materials and received their user credentials can complete their prequalification questionnaire.

For information on the registration process, click the Grantees link at the top of this page.


Prequalification is a way for not-for-profits to interact more directly with State agencies before they compete for State contracts, enabling them to make adjustments and answer concerns prior to entering a competitive bid process. Once they are registered with the Gateway, not-for-profits can fill out an online Prequalification Application. The process is simple. The Application requests an upload of basic organizational documents and asks straightforward questions about a not-for-profit’s capacity and integrity. Not-for-profits can secure their application materials in the Document Vault where they will be accessible to all State agencies, thereby reducing redundancy and conserving resources.

We get it: State bureaucracy can be a headache.

The State is burying not-for-profit service providers and other grant recipients under a mountain of paperwork. Seventy-five percent of contracts are executed late. Redundant requests for documentation, long contract review processes, annual contracts to the same program...

We Know We Can Do Better

As part of his statewide effort to transform business practices to better serve the people, Governor Cuomo put forward a key initiative to streamline the State grants process. State agencies are working together to develop a uniform grants contract for use in most grant transactions, multi-year contracting is becoming a priority, and the design of a statewide grants management system is underway.

The Grants Reform initiative is working to fix a broken system:

  • Simplify grants management
  • Streamline contract processes and standardize terms and conditions
  • Facilitate more timely payments to Not-for-Profits
  • Improve the effectiveness and accelerate performance of local grant programs
  • Improve compliance with State and Federal legal and audit requirements

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Date updated: November 6th, 2013